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We love design. We manufacture high quality microcement.

The advantages of concrete and those of resin united in one product. Our german technology microcement is a very resistant material ideal for use in both rustic and modern environments. It can be applied directly to most surfaces. Typical installations are over existing tiled floors and walls, on cementicious floors and walls and many other surfaces. The final thickness consists of less than 3mm. Countless applications in comercial and residential areas, floors and walls and even ceilings. Interiors, exteriors and facades are beautifully rendered achieving decorative finishes. It can be applied to areas of any size both large and small without the need of any joints, to floors, walls , shelves and kitchen tops, sinks and bathtubs.

  • hard wearing
  • very flexible
  • will not crack when drying
  • hygienic and easy to clean
  • suitable for interiors
  • and exteriors
  • extensive colour range
  • Impermeable
  • breathable and waterproof finishes
  • non-slip surface option

We have 5 main lines of Microcement:

  • Decocement Plus
  • Decocement Work
  • Decocement Classic
  • Decocement Rustico
  • Decocement Diamond

  • and now new:

  • Decocement Verde
  • - just add water - no more component B resin required for decocement base verde and decocement microcement verde.

    Shipping world-wide!

    We sell most of our Microcement colour range pigmented and ready to mix with the Decocement resin or water (Decocement Rio line). This way it is much easier for the applicators eliminating errors in colour preparation on site. Contact us for a quote including delivery to your site or warehouse. There are lorries leaving Barcelona daily assuring very short transit time and reliable service. We have clients in several parts of the world trusting our experience and good service.

    A u t h e n t i c . M o d e r n . U n i q u e . Microcement

    - Stunning interiors and exteriors-

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